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All Things Bizarre

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The whole series is a collection of books that about the hidden situation happened on the small island, Hong Kong. The bizarre system that still in use in the city as a complex cycle with unsolved problems appear times to times just replaced with another name with another issue. Still, the city can survive at this moment with an unequal balance with numerous hidden questions waiting to be discovered. 


Jengaland" is the first book from the "All Things Bizarre" series which wrote by Young-Ha Kim. It is about the unbalance social system in Hong Kong, where overpopulation existed and people are focused to live in small apartments and spent an unexpected amount of money to rent a place to live. The inhumanity issue not just affects the architecture design in this island,  but also transferred the social environment here which people just focus on finding higher income to pay their housing issue. There is no "home" for people to live in as the young generation could not afford higher rent. Like the game Jenga, nothing is stable, even it balance will at this time, it will eventually fall.

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