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Web design

Promotional materials


Team members

Hoi Man Mak                                                        Visual designer 

Iago Souza                                                           Video producer

Christina V.                                                           UX designer

The Universal Credit Application

UCA - INTRO 2.gif

Design objective

The client, GreenSky, Inc. is offering a new type of loan system, which called The Universal Credit Application™ (UCA). It aims to simplify, streamline, and scale the user's application process with a few simple steps.


UCA launch at the beginning of January 2020 and need promotional collateral material and website design for external marketing use and internal educational use.


Based on client requests, we had the opportunity to collaborate with the UX department to create the Universal Credit Application™ (UCA) branding identity as well as the product web pages, internal product guidelines, and one-page marketing materials design.

UCA one page

Mid-fidelity prototype 

The idea was to create a simple and step-by-step infographic to explain the whole application process to the users.

After talking to the product department, we realized that the webpage should be focusing more on the application experience and showcasing the actual portal instead of using the icons to represent them. Therefore, we moved from using mainly iconography to much-simplified background, shapes, and displaying the mobile pages instead.  

UCA Website

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