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Sustainable Brands

Expo Package

promotional package


interface design

design objective

The idea is to promote sustainable living and help different generations to understand the importance of protecting the environment through their everyday habits. It aims to promote the Sustainable Brands Expo that opens every two years. The top two issues of this year conference are about the original food sources and paper printing control. 


Environmentalism friendly is a long-term issue, and recently there are more people concerned about living a sustainable lifestyle is able to maintain the environment. The package meant to collaborate with other organizations to promote the program for their members and nonmembers that interested in protecting the earth.


The target is to introduce the importance of food sourcing and the correct guide of printing as a whole to Sustainable Brands users. The deliverables include the package, promotional information, the brochure, and the Apps. 


The package specifically features various endanger fish species that are necessary for maintaining the eco-balance. We would allow our users to get in touch with the new SB Apps, which provides up-to-date information on brands that believe in a sustainable lifestyle. Users can just talk a photo of the package to connect to the apps store to download it as the e-ticket.

outside box = brand brochure + recipe card

Users can pull out the outside box and flatten it. There will be the recipe card in the back with an instruction of cooking the given sample product.

Sustainable Brands Apps

The apps for users to explore the brand and the Expo, a platform to share their own experience of being sustainable and network to order sustainable food. 

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