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Collaborate project

Ui design for apps

Presentation design

Concept design

Team members
Ashlee Hanz                                                       Art director 

Emily Yip / Tiffany Choi /  Brain Zee               Ux designer

Am: a sensorial experience for Alzheimer's patients

Team AM_Presentation_SCAD StartUp (4).pn

Project background​


Working as a visual designer in the team, I joined the one-week challenge for the SCAD StartUp on 7 February 2019, a yearly event hosted by FLUX - the UX club in collaboration with SCAD+. We come up with a product or service concept based on the theme "home".

Create a better home experience.

The concept can change based on whom you talk to. For some, it’s where they grew up, and for others, it’s the friends they met after moving away. No matter who you are, we all have a home, but what does “home” mean to you? And what does it look like? Show us how your solution can create a home


Design thinking and interviews

Began by searching for problems for students and teenagers to find the pain points in their life. During the interviews with 10 people, we realized that people were the most important elements for them to think of at home. Turn out that our group wanted to design for a specific target group that related to our family. 

1st interview

2nd interview



nurse in Hong Kong public hospital

nurse in the USA elderly center

with patient's family members

on patient's physical symptoms and difficulties

brief sketches

study on tech


brands study

analysis all research and began sketching

related brands and interview studies

search on government or non-organization programs

on projection technology and brands

Case study



Stage 4 to 6

Patients with Alzheimer’s are going through anxiety, frustration, shame, and aggressive behaviors. Actions were taken in the name of patient’s safety actually can act negatively on them.


Limited space and care

Patients have to spend most of their time in an area such as an elderly home. They are living in an environment with trainers and staff. Their freedom is limited in a particular space until the rest of life.

Team AM_Presentation_SCAD StartUp (3).pn
Team AM_Presentation_SCAD StartUp.png

AM is a simulator that allows Alzheimer’s patients a sensorial, explorative experience and uses a conversation AI to allow the patients to feel in touch with their family again. It also employs motion detection for quicker nurse response times if a patient sustains an injury.

Visual Projection

Family members and nurses can pick the location and graphics the patient likes by using the apps.


Motion detection

Employ motion detection for quicker nurse response times if a patient sustains an injury.


modeling credit to Emily, and Brain Zee 

Team AM_Presentation_SCAD StartUp (1).pn

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