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Brand identity​


Awol Expertise

Tour campaign

Design Objective

Awol Expert is a unique traveling path for guests that want to experience the unusual place of the world. With a personal tour guide that will bring our guests on different excursions. By exploring the Awol extreme tours to any six different zones in the world. The six categories of theme zones: water, land, air, ice, space, and fire. A customized tour to let people go on a path and see the unseen. The project needs to create promotional material that introduces the tours to our potential clients.


Based on the concept of extreme tour travel, the brochure is categorized into six chapters and each about a theme zone. For instance, the first chapter is about the topic – water. The following pages will introduce the unique travel spot related to sea, lake, or river, like the underwater museum. Each section with its own icons to show the connection between one another.  

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